Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December in Review

Katie taped this sign to the front door for Johnny to find when he got home from work. Yeah, it worked! We actually took Kade to the movies too for the first time. Kade made it through the previews beautifully.

Hulen Mall. Katie has been asking for the last year to do this bungee jump at the mall. She loved it!

A lot of people stopped to watch when Kade was jumping, his little body going so high in the air scared this momma. He just giggled and giggled!

Not the best family picture but our family picture nonetheless.

Christmas afternoon at the Cason house. David holding Kade, Jeanne, Cole, Katie and Anna-Claire.

Christmas morning! Katie was excited about her Bop It! But the look on Kade's face and his hands clapping out of excitement as Johnny opens a package of tractors is so funny. Nothing better than Christmas morning with kids.

Santa brought Katie a Barbie Camper. Katie's response "Santa DID bring me something special just like he said in his letter!" Katie mailed a letter to Santa and he sent one back. She was so proud of her letter from Santa. She took her letter to school and even slept with the letter under her pillow. And Santa did not disappoint!

Santa brought Kade a Radio Flyer Scooter for Christmas. Kade was most excited about his tractors.
I forgot to take pictures at my parent's house, but we did go to both sets on Christmas Day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Proud Momma!

"Katie is a wonderful child!" That's how our parent/teacher conference went on Monday morning. And yesterday...she got an award at school. Terrific kid.

Katie receiving her award.

Kade enjoying the award assembly from under the table! Just shortly after this picture was taken Kade threw one of his boots at some kid walking by. I get the feeling we won't get to experience such proud moments when Kade is in 2nd grade. Just kidding little buddy!

Katie and I.

Terrific kids!

I went in to check on Kade tonight after he went to bed. Sometime he must have quietly gotten out of bed and put his boots on and got back in bed. Too cute! I love the fact that he is all boy!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank You Grancie!

About a month ago my mom called and said, "Hey. Your birthday is next month. If you and Johnny want to get away I would LOVE to come keep your kids." Are. you. kidding. me.!! We jumped on the opportunity. Katie was sick about a week prior to getting away, so Johnny was figuring Kade would soon follow Katie's lead and get sick too. We didn't let Kade go anywhere. We even kept him home from the church nursery for a week before our trip. Selfish, we know. But so worth it.

We had a great weekend. I shopped each day until my back, legs and feet were screaming in pain. Johnny drank lots of Starbucks, looked at books at bookstores and took naps. We had awesome fajitas and lobster at Uncle Julios. Great weekend getaway. And mom made great memories with the kids. Mom taught Katie how to crochet, they played lots of games, Katie beat mom in a puzzle competition, and Kade was Kade. Mom said, "Kade is very active and busy, but so lovable!" Believe it or not when we got home, she said she would come keep them again so we could go Christmas shopping in December.

Thank you mom for being a blessing in our life! Thank you for offering to come keep our kids.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello there!

An Austin Wedding...

We went to a sweet friend's wedding in Austin a few weeks ago. We left early and spent the day doing a little window shopping at The Hills Galleria in Austin. Katie and Kade begged to go to a dog store, Dogadillo! If you are a dog lover you would love Dogadillo.

Well hello there! Katie must have got her hands on my camera at the wedding reception.

Needless to say Kade didn't last long at the reception. Considering the wedding started at his bedtime we knew we would be in for a FUN time keeping Kade quiet and still. That's an oxymoron!

My attempt to catch a nice picture of the family.

Labor Day Weekend
Reynolds Family Reunion
Once again we went to New Braunfels for the Reynolds family reunion. We had a great time sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather, talking and eating. The kids LOVED played outside for 3 days straight.

Perfect ad for John Deere, boots and all! Kade loved riding this four wheeler, here he is sitting waiting to ride it again.

Most of the kids looked dirty all weekend! They don't seem to mind.

A little Slip 'N Slide action.


Emi, Katie and Anna-Claire sitting together at dinner.

Kade sipping Starbucks coffee while we waited to be seated at the Gristmill in Gruene.

All the grand kids together at the Gristmill (except Cole).

Kade's 2nd Birthday!
We met both sets of grandparents to celebrate Kade's birthday. It was a low-key birthday, we celebrated at Dairy Queen. Yup! You heard me correctly, the DQ of Eastland. Actually, it was perfect for us. Dinner at DQ, blizzards and cupcakes for dessert. We went outside in the little courtyard to let Kade open his presents and play with his new toys. It was an ideal location for everyone. And FREE!

Pop Pop, Grancie, Katie and Kade. (Somehow I didn't capture any pictures of Mimi and Grandpa. So sorry I didn't!)

My dad.

My mom.

Mimi and Grandpa got Kade this Tonka truck...every little boy needs this truck! They are already enjoying it in the DQ courtyard.

Kade's turn.

Grancie brought the biggest #2 balloon I have ever seen!

Happy 2nd birthday little buddy! You make us smile and laugh every day!!

Katie started 2nd Grade
Katie started school at the end of August. It's always sad for us to see her go. We really enjoy having her with us all day during the summer. But Katie is loving 2nd grade, her teacher and her new friends.

Kade looks a little lost without big sissy.

Katie sitting in class on her first day of school.

First day of school pictures in front of the fireplace.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This summer we decided to take a vacation and go see my brother in California. We enjoyed a long drive to California, stopping along the way to see some great places.

Here is Katie and Elle (always dressing like twins) after church, we visited Saddleback church (Rick Warren, "Purpose Driven Life" author)

Jason, my brother, with Shelly and their youngest, Hannah.

The Refinery, the youth building at Saddleback Church. Really cool.

We drove Pacific Coast Highway our last night in CA, we stopped in Oceanside and let the kids play in the sand. Great memories.

Does it get any sweeter than this?

I need to get this one framed!

Las Vegas strip

Hoover Dam, Nevada

We took a tour of the generators which involved taking elevators to the bottom of the dam. I don't remember one word the tour guide said. My mind was saying "get me out of here before we all die."

Grand Canyon

Kade is one tired boy here at the Grand Canyon. Johnny was loving every minute of the Grand Canyon. He's planning to go back to camp and hike for a week. Me...not so much. We decided he could go back with his dad and brothers for a week and maybe the girls could stay in a cabin back in Flagstaff!

Katie wanted to pose herself here! Love it, girl!