Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December in Review

Katie taped this sign to the front door for Johnny to find when he got home from work. Yeah, it worked! We actually took Kade to the movies too for the first time. Kade made it through the previews beautifully.

Hulen Mall. Katie has been asking for the last year to do this bungee jump at the mall. She loved it!

A lot of people stopped to watch when Kade was jumping, his little body going so high in the air scared this momma. He just giggled and giggled!

Not the best family picture but our family picture nonetheless.

Christmas afternoon at the Cason house. David holding Kade, Jeanne, Cole, Katie and Anna-Claire.

Christmas morning! Katie was excited about her Bop It! But the look on Kade's face and his hands clapping out of excitement as Johnny opens a package of tractors is so funny. Nothing better than Christmas morning with kids.

Santa brought Katie a Barbie Camper. Katie's response "Santa DID bring me something special just like he said in his letter!" Katie mailed a letter to Santa and he sent one back. She was so proud of her letter from Santa. She took her letter to school and even slept with the letter under her pillow. And Santa did not disappoint!

Santa brought Kade a Radio Flyer Scooter for Christmas. Kade was most excited about his tractors.
I forgot to take pictures at my parent's house, but we did go to both sets on Christmas Day.

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